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Welcome to my blog, “Your Car Does What?!?!?

My intent with this blog is to introduce the casual car enthusiast to the ever expanding world of automotive technology. Those of us old enough to remember when power windows, power locks, and cruise control were luxury options should be able to appreciate how fast modern technology is being applied to the vehicles we love, loathe, and lust for.

As this blog matures, it is my hope that frequent visitors will get a chance to peek at some of the new technologies that are on the way to a dealership near you. I also hope that we have a lot of fun on the journey. Technologies will be covered on a just below the surface level. What it is, what it does, how it works, and why in the world would I ever want that. We will not go so deep as to define the operating frequencies of your key fob remote start.

Full (well, ALMOST full) disclosure time……I am currently employed in the automotive industry. I choose not to disclose the company I am employed with and hopefully my opinions will be unbiased enough to not make that too obvious.

I am also a gearhead (I like cars) and a gadget man (iPod, iPaq, iPad, i got it), so I tend to get hands on with a lot of new technologies, both consumer electronics and automotive, and especially where the two tend to meet.

Included among my responsibilities in my company is the responsibility to uncover, evaluate, and recommend new technologies for automotive application. It is with this lens that I will attempt to provide to you, the casual car enthusiast, a view of interesting things to come.

Enjoy the ride!